Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 16th-20th

We had a fantastic busy week!

On Monday, we had some very impressive Leprechaun traps set up for St. Patrick’s Day…but our Leprechaun was just too tricky! He set off all the traps and made a mess of our room! Chairs were turned upside down and tracks were left all over the room! He left special treats in everyone’s traps but still managed to escape!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to get ready for our fieldtrip, we made Green Eggs and Ham. We also got to sample green milk, compliments of Mrs. Y.

On Wednesday, we had a fantastic time on our fieldtrip. Seussical was a blast! We had the perfect seats to enjoy the performance. We even had a few sleepers on our way back home.

On Thursday and Friday we worked more on our orange words. Many students earned more raindrops this week! On Friday we also had 100% homework turned in! We earned another puzzle piece for homework and later earned a 2nd puzzle piece for having everyone stay on green! What a great way to end the week.

Happy Birthday to Robert and Timothy who both celebrate their birthday this weekend!

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