Friday, March 27, 2009

March 23-27

We had another wonderful week in room 6. On Wednesday we had a 2nd day of 100% homework being returned. A few more puzzle pieces were earned this week. We are only 4 pieces away from our popcorn party. We are hoping we can accomplish our goal this coming week!

This week we read the story of “Elmer” the elephant that is a bit different then his other elephant friends, but loved by all. We enjoyed making our own “Elmers” for the classroom and worked on the beginning, middle and end of the story.

On Tuesday we read “It Looked Like Spilled Milk”. We made our own paintings to go along with the story, while working on symmetry and writing. Our paintings are displayed in our hallway.

On Wednesday and Thursday we worked on the story of “Make Way for Ducklings”. We made many predictions as we read the story and discussed how ducks get around. Students had their own challenge packet for the story. We all did some first grade level work! Many students brought their packets home this week and the rest will bring them home on Monday. Be sure to check out the incredible work they did!

Today we sang the poem of “Five Speckled Frogs”. We talked about rhyming words and subtraction. Students created an interactive book to go along with the poem. These came out really cute! Students were asked to share their books with their families this weekend. Here are some fun online things to go along with the poem: (cute interactive cartoon) (online coloring) (coloring page, crafts etc.)

Next week we will be talking more about ponds and the animals that live there.

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