Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 weeks down! :

I want to begin by thanking all the parents who have been able to make donations to the class. Your generosity will be a HUGE help this year.

Mrs. Coughlin and I have been amazed to see how quickly everyone is picking up our everyday routines and many of our songs! Everyone seems to be settling in nicely and making many new friends.

This week we started to focus on names. We talked about how our name is special and has 1 special uppercase letter. We have been spending a lot of time practicing how to write our name and will continue over the next few weeks. Please continue to practice this skill at home. There are many handwriting resources for home on our class website.

On Wednesday, we read “Anne to Zach” and then added our names to our own word wall and made a class book with our names.

On Thursday, we read “Chrysanthemum” and talked about feelings in school. We then graphed our names by how many letters in our names and made Chrysanthemum puppets.

On Friday, we sang the song, “Mary Wore a Red Dress”. We had a blast replacing the lyrics to make it about our class. We also made a class book to go along with this song.

Next week we will continue to practice writing our names in a variety of ways. We will also begin to look at the alphabet by reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and will do several projects for the story.

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