Friday, September 10, 2010


Another 4 days down. This week the kids really started to settle in. Many of them are now independently unpacking in the morning and going right to their morning work. They have done a fantastic job of learning our morning calendar songs and have started to learn the alphabet in sign language.

We have started using the clip chart to monitor our behavior. It will be a learning process for both the kids and I. This is the first year we have utilized this system and I am very excited about being able to focus more on the positive behaviors. As we settle in to our daily routine, we will be able to utilize the chart more consistently.

Lunchtime is always a very big part of our day. Many kids are excited to try school lunch for the first time. During lunch the kindergarten program assistants stay with the kids and help them. This year we are sharing Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Chaisson with 2 other classes. It would be helpful to your child to be able to practice opening their snacks or putting straws in juice boxes. Just as a reminder, you can send in money for lunch in any amount and it will be added to your child lunch account. You can also access their lunch account information directly online from the school website. You will need their student id number to register for online access.

Any Scholastic book orders are due by Wednesday the 15th.

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