Wednesday, March 9, 2011


March has blown in very quickly. The children have been working so hard over the past few months as we went through our biggest round of assessments of the year. And the results were outstanding!

You may have recently heard your children coming home and telling you about going to the computer lab. The children are using a program called Lexia twice a week. Lexia is a researched based reading program for kids. As they work through the various fun learning games, Lexia is able to track their progress and individually challenge each student. It also allows me to look at each student’s progress and see where he or she may have difficulty. This is a program that they will continue in 1st grade.

We are also very fortunate to have a guest teacher come in twice a week. Mrs. Nugent, an 8th grade science teacher will be coming in over the next few weeks to do weather lessons and experiments with the students. She has some fantastic hands on lessons for the children planned.

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