Friday, August 17, 2012



               Welcome to kindergarten!  I am so excited to start another fantastic school year. I am looking forward to meeting the kids and parents at our open house on Thursday, Sep. 6th.  It's a great way for the kids (and parents) to get to know our room and help relieve some of those first day jitters. The kids will be able to explore the room and find their cubbies and bins.  We will also have parents fill out  dismissal forms, so we can have the tags ready for the kids on Friday.  Also, if any parents are interested in volunteering throughout the school year, they can fill out a CORI form with the main office.  I highly recommend anyone who may be interested in helping in the classroom or chaperoning a field trip to fill out a form as soon as possible.  These can take several weeks to come back. 
               I will be adding more parent information here throughout the year and updating post on all of our happenings.  If there is anything you would like to see on our website, please let me know.  I'm hoping you will find it helpful throughout the school year.  You can follow our blog through Google blogger or you can sign up with your e-mail address to have updates sent to you.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Food Safe

Dear Families,

For the 2012/2013 school year, we will be a food safe classroom.   No food with nuts or manufactured with nuts will be allowed in our room.  I will be asking for your help to support a safe classroom environment for our students. 

Please always check your child's food labels. Please know that things do change.  Frequently I have discovered labels that  have changed from one school year to the next. 

Below are some resources I have found over the years.

Peanut/Nut Free Snack List

Peanut Free/Tree Nut Free Snack List

Article: "Why is My Child's School Nut-Free? What food can she bring?"

Nut Free Bakeries:

Hippie Chick Bakery-Kensington NH

Fancypants Bakery-East Walpole, MA

Online Games

Here is a list of some of my favorite online resources for kids. -Great website for letters, sounds and reading! Online games and pages to print. -Fun games and short videos with your favorite characters. of fun games with the Dr. Seuss characters. Online learning games. TONS of links to other sites for games and learning. Everything is broken into categories. Coloring pages, puzzles, flashcards and lots more!, games, rhymes, jokes, etc…

Wednesday, August 1, 2012




  • Use number careds to sequence numbers.
  • Practice counting to 20. 
  • Have your child trace the numbers with his finger.
  • To help your child identify all of the numbers, have him draw that many items on the back of the card. If he forgets what the number is, he can count the items to remind himself.
  • Play the In-between game. Place two number cards face up and have your child choose the number card that should be placed in between. For example, turn number cards 8 and 10 face up. Have him choose the number card 9 and place it in the middle of the other cards.
  • When numbers 0-20 are mastered, combine numbers to make new numbers.
  • Add two different numbers together and count objects on the back to self-correct.

Math Links


Math Flashcards